Lesbian Overland and Café Club


The Lesbian Overland and Cafe Club is the social walking group for vaguely active lesbians and slightly fitter women. Not a tramping group, but there is one "club" rule: walk some before retiring to a café. And we're not a club as such ... just whoever turns up on the day.

Coming walks

More details may be posted closer to each walk.

Sunday 13 May: Korokoro Stream Track

We will assemble at the Cornish Street entrance to the Park at 10.30 am. The track is at the south end of Belmont Regional Park, west of Petone - see the map below. The track follows an old steel pipeline from the Cornish Street entrance upstream through mature and regenerating bush to the Korokoro Dam.
Walking time ca. 3 hours there and back, with a break for lunch of course. It is an easy walk (the steeper bits have steps) and is somewhat sheltered from the weather. Wear/carry clothing appropriate for the weather (including a parka), and footwear for some muddy bits. Bring lunch and drink in your backpack.

Getting there:
Catch the 10.05 train from Wellington to Petone (or the 9:30 train from Upper HUtt) then walk across the pedestrian overbridge, south along Pito-One Road, then to the end of Cornish St.
Driving from Wellington: take the Petone foreshore exit from SH2, then drive north parallel to the hills, past the end of Jackson St. Take the overbridge to Korokoro, then hard left into Pito-One Road, south to Cornish St.
Driving south on SH2: exit into the Petone Station carpark, drive over the new overbridge to Pito-One Road, then south to Cornish St.
Trip leaders Mary 027 621270, Ellen 027 2094004

Map of Korokoro Stream track.

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