Lesbian Overland and Café Club


The Lesbian Overland and Café Club is the social walking group for vaguely active lesbians and slightly fitter women. Not a tramping group, but there is one "club" rule: walk some before retiring to a café. And we're not a club as such ... just whoever turns up on the day.

Coming walks

More details may be posted closer to each walk.

Sunday 8th September: Eastern Walkway

A walk from Terakina Bay and the Ataturk Memorial Park, visiting some historial sites nearby and then walking north to Breaker Bay and Seatoun. See the City Council webpage and map.
Meet outside the front of the railway station at 10am to car-pool to the walk. We will start from the car park on Breaker Bay Road opposite Terakina Bay, and finish with coffee at a café in Seatoun.
Dress for the weather and bring your lunch and drink in your backpack.
Trip leader: Lainey txt 027 3039006 - please contact her if you are coming, especially if you can bring a car - we hope to have a car parked at the end of the walk to take drivers back to their cars.

Overlanders seat in Zealandia - the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary

The Overlanders have their own seat in the Zealandia ...   more

Email overlanders69@gmail.com for more information.

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