Lesbian Radio in Wellington

The weekly Lesbian Radio Show is broadcast on Sundays, 10 - 11 am, on Wellington Access Radio 106.1 FM. Or listen to the live broadcast of the programme online on Sunday mornings - go to the Access Radio website and click on the listen live button.

Notices for the broadcasting on the programme should be sent to les.radio.welly@gmail.com

Check out the Programme's facebook page Wellington-Lesbian-Radio for the latest updates from programme presenters.

There is an interview with Prue about the programme and its history on PrideNZ.com.

Upcoming programme presenters:

The most recent programmes are available on the Access Radio Lesbian Community page. Each Sunday's programme can generally be downloaded within a day of broadcasting. Here are the latest programmes available - click the link to play:

History and philosophy

The Wellington Community Lesbian Radio programme has been running weekly for well over 30 years and continues to provide lively and varied coverage of lesbian (and broader lgbtqipaf…) news, politics, activities, music etc. It focuses on Wellington region activities, but also covers nationwide and international news. Brought to us all through the generosity of the Armstrong & Arthur Charitable Trust for Lesbians, which pays our weekly broadcast fee, it has a large collective of presenters and technicians of various ages and interests. We broadcast, almost always live, from the Access Radio studio, level 1, 35/37 Ghuznee Street, Wellington).

The programme is aimed at a full diversity of lesbians/gay women/queer women/Takatāpui women/non-binary folks etc. It is also listened to by many others who enjoy the music and news on the programme. Each week we advertise community events and play music. The rest is up to each presenter - Aotearoa and worldwide news of interest to lesbians, lgbtqipaf… and general political news and comment, interviews about past or future cultural and sports events (dances, film festivals, art shows, International Lesbian Day, Gay Games, bars, books at the lesbian library etc) provide a diverse range of topics.

Lesbian Radio recruits ...

The Lesbian Radio collective welcomes new volunteers and would love some younger lesbians, a variety of ethnicities and diversity of many types as long as you recognize we are Lesbian radio funded by a Charitable Trust for Lesbians - email les.radio.welly@gmail.com if you are interested - full training will be given.

Lesbian Radio mugs.

Lesbian Radio mugs at LILAC

Lesbian Radio have produced a 30th Anniversary mug, and they are for sale at LILAC for a mere $8.

LILAC is open on Wednesdays 5.30-7.30 pm, and Thursdays and Saturdays 11 am-2 pm. It is on the second floor, 187 Willis Street - flat access and lift. Please bring cash - preferably the correct amount - when you come to buy yours.

Other lesbian podcasts

Joy 94.9 Melbourne

Joy 94.9 is a queer radio station in Melbourne that broadcasts around the clock. Podcasts, live streaming and transcripts are available.

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The Lesbian Radio Programme is supported by the Armstrong & Arthur Charitable Trust for Lesbians

Page updated: 25 June 2017