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See the big pages of What's on for lesbians and for the broader Rainbow communities in Wellington for information about what's on. Plus the links page for many more groups.

Paekakariki Pride Festival 2022.

A Rainbow in the Village - Paekākāriki PRIDE Festival 2022

Labour Weekend - Thurdsay 20th to Monday 24th October

It's coming ... the 5th Paekākāriki Pride and it's bigger, better and wilder than ever with some of the popular staple events like the (World's Shortest) Pride Parade, dance party - the theme this year is 'Old Skool' - and the queer quiz, and we've added some new ones such as the incredible theatre piece, Man Lessons and a concert featuring local legend, Coral Trimmer. Follow the Festival facebook page for programme details and updates.

Elder Voices survey.

Elder voices online survey

Elder Voices is an online survey about life for Takatapui and Rainbow Elders, developed by Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura and Rainbow Hub Waikato. The findings from this survey will be used to create a report to inform plans and services for Takatāpui and Rainbow Elders.
The survey is open to everyone over 55 who knows they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, non-binary, intersex or Takatāpui. People do not need to be “out” to anyone else to take part. The survey will be open until 20 December 2022. You can go to the survey via this link: bit.ly/3qdLK9A.

You can find out more about Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura and Rainbow Hub Waikato by visiting their websites: kahukura.co.nz and rainbowhubwaikato.org.nz.

Bette Armstrong and Bea Arthur.

Armstrong & Arthur Charitable Trust for Lesbians

The Armstrong and Arthur Charitable Trust for Lesbians was established in 2001 by the late Bea Arthur for the benefit of lesbian community groups in the Wellington region. The Trust is named to recognise and remember the 57 year relationship of Bea and her partner the late Bette Armstrong. The Trustees invite applications for funding assistance, as grants, for projects and activities that will benefit all or part of the lesbian communities in the Wellington region. Visit the Trust website www.armstrong-arthur-trust.nz for information about how to apply for grants, and how to donate or make bequests to the Trust.

Application forms and guidelines are available from the Trust's website.


Leonie's email list

This is a service for distributing your notices to the lesbian community. To join the list, email leonies.email.list@lesbian.net.nz.
If you were once on the email list but have not received any messages for a long while you may need to rejoin - email Leonie.

Once you are on the list, you can send email notices to the same address for distribution. Any notice that will help or inform us as lesbians is sent out.


Support Kiwi groups supporting LGBTIQ youth

Let's support the groups and organisations that support the youth in our communities - they are always short of $$$ for their valuable work. Most are registered charities and have Donate pages on their websites.

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